India-Japan Cultural Festival
19th and 20th November 2022, 3 pm to 10 pm at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune

India-Japan Cultural Festival

Be part of the cultural extravaganza of India and Japanese Culture and experience Japan in India! IJBC brings the two days cultural festival during Konnichiwa Pune with 100s of Japanese and Indian artists participating. Enjoy Japanese cuisine, shop, meet and mingle with people, and don't forget to wear kimonos, take selfies, and more.

*Agenda coming soon


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Konnichiwa Pune 2022 Performers

Ms. Hiroko Sarah
Mumbai-based Japanese Singer & Dancer (Classical Kathak & Indian Fusion)

Team Mystic Jounetsu 
Kushmir, Ibex and
Hiroko Sarah

Ms. Kazuko Barisic
Calligrapher of “Shodo”, and “Ura-Senke Sado” master.

Ms. Noriko Shakti

Ms. Asano Fukui

Ms. Fumie Nagashi

Mr Takahiro Arai
Santoor Player Disciple of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma

Ms. Akiko Kato

Miss World Japan 2015 Special Award
Certified by the Government of India as a Level 1 Professional Yoga

Ms. Sujata Pandit
President Ikenobo Ikenobo Ikebana Chapter Pune

Ms. Arundhati Deshpande
Vice President Ikenobo Ikebana Chapter Pune

Namrata Kale

Pranati Arun

Palak Bhandari

Akshara Patil

Kripa Bhandari

 Do you wish to perform at Konnichiwa Pune 2022? Nominate here >>


Experiennce Japan!
We're adding more art and cultural shows every week. 

Sadō (茶道)
Japanese tea ceremony

Shodō (書道)

Japanese calligraphy

Origami (折り紙)

Japanese art of paper folding

Furoshiki (風呂敷)

 Traditional Japanese 
wrapping cloths

Ikebana (活け花)
Japanese art of flower arrangement

Kimono (着物)
Experience weraing Japanese traditional Kimono

Japanese Anime Cosplay
Most awaitd and exciting show at Konnichiwa Pune

Bon Odori (盆踊り)

A style of dancing performed during Obon

Take part in Karaoke Compiations

Fusion Dance

See Japanese and Indian artist performing togther

Fusion Music

Indian and Japanese music tigther is best part of festival.

Lets Visit Stalls

Consulate General Of Japan in Mumbai 

Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd


Regeta Co., Ltd (Japan)

Indo Japan Business

The University of Tokyo

MIT - World Peace University

North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd.

Japan Centre of Excellence
Creating Japanese Standard Workforce

Ichiban Cargo Pvt Ltd

Ichiban Enterprises

PAKSHAAL - Homely Bengali



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