Konnichiwa Pune
25 and 26th November 2023
An event by IJBC Co-organised with Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai

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Consulate General of Japan in Mumbai

Indo-Japan Business Council

Step into the enchanting world of Japan at Konnichiwa Pune, an electrifying two-day extravaganza presented by the Indo-Japan Business Council. Feel the heartbeat of Japan as you immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, a kaleidoscope of ancient traditions and modern wonders. Savor the exquisite flavors of authentic Japanese cuisines, tantalizing your taste buds like never before. But it's not just about the sights and tastes; it's about forging bonds that transcend borders. Join us in this magical celebration where India and Japan intertwine their souls, creating an unbreakable friendship that will echo through generations. Konnichiwa Pune, where memories are etched, and connections are eternal!

Experience Japan in India!


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Festival Highlights

  1. Anima and Cosplay: Experience Japanese pop culture.
  2. All-in-one celebration: Business, culture, education.
  3. Delectable cuisines: Authentic flavors of Japan.
  4. Diverse cultural programs: Mesmerizing art displays.
  5. Artistic fusion: Japanese and Indian artists showcase talents.
  6. Wear Japanese Kimono: Experience the traditional attire.
  7. Gathering of bilingual experts: A knowledge exchange.
  8. Celebrating craftsmanship: Engaging workshops and demos.
  9. Buy Japanese Souvenir: Take home a Japan's charm.
  10. Lasting connections: Friendship beyond borders.


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Konnichiwa Pune 2023 Venue

Experience Japan!
We're adding more art and cultural shows every week.  

Sadō (茶道)
Japanese tea ceremony

Shodō (書道)

Japanese calligraphy

Origami (折り紙)

Japanese art of paper folding

Furoshiki (風呂敷)

 Traditional Japanese 
wrapping cloths

Ikebana (華道
Japanese art of flower arrangement

Kimono (着物)
Experience weraing Japanese traditional Kimono

Japanese Anime Cosplay
Most awaitd and exciting show at Konnichiwa Pune

Bon Odori (盆踊り)

A style of dancing performed during Obon

Take part in Karaoke Compiations

Fusion Dance

See Japanese and Indian artist performing togther

Fusion Music

Indian and Japanese music tigther is best part of festival.

Kimono Fashion Show



Konnichiwa Pune Performers

Yuki Hirota

Ms. Hiroko Sarah
Mumbai-based Japanese Singer & Dancer

Team Mystic Jounetsu
Kushmir, Ibex and
Hiroko Sarah

Ms. Kazuko Barisic
Calligrapher of “Shodo”, and “Ura-Senke Sado” master

Ms. Noriko Shakti
Goa Based Japanese DJ

Ms. Asano Fukui

Ms. Fumie Nagashi
Hindustani Classical Singer

Mr Takahiro Arai
Santoor Player Disciple of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma

Swarali Salunkhe

Aparna Balaji Giri

Ms. Sujata Pandit
 Ikenobo Ikebana Pune

Ms. Arundhati Deshpande
 Ikenobo Ikebana Pune

Tomomi Kitami

Tirrtha R. Murbaadkar

Shrinidhi Joshi

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 Why attend?


Last year over 10000 people visited in three days. We expect this year over 50,000 people will join as Konnichiwa Pune goes virtual this year. We’ll be joined by the CEOs and founders of the Indian and Japanese companies, educational institutes heads, professional bilingual experts, artists, students, enthusiastic, and leading journalists.


This program brings you the golden opportunity to initiate a one on one dialogue. Grab this chance to come together learn and build some new bridges which draw us closer. We believe in the exchange of ideas for improved business outcomes benefitting both nations.

Our stages cover topics anranging from business chaillanges , career and education opportunities, and cultutre.


Konnichiwa Pune is already India’s largest gathering of Indo-Japan business event. Attracting more than 100 +  journalists from well know publications. This program brings you the golden opportunity to initiate a one on one dialogue and give exposure to your business in Business Fair.


Join us and together at Konnichiwa Pune and let’s work towards strengthening our relations by understanding Japanese and Indian culture, people to people contacts. Our centre stage will bring together many artist and culture enthusiast and put up spectacular shows, which we promise a memorable experience for you.

Our Sponsors At Konnichiwa Pune

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Yusen Logistics

TNI Career Counselling

DG FutureTech India Pvt. Ltd.

Fidel Technologies

Companies exhibiting at Konnichiwa Pune 2023

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Konnichiwa Pune Supported By

Japan National Tourism Organization


Wakayama Prefecture


City of Yokohama in Mumbai


Japan External Trade Organization


Japan Foundation


Japan International Cooperation Agency, India


Keio University, Japan


India Japan Laboratory

Event Partners for Konnichiwa Pune

IT Partner

Shimbi Labs 

Travel Partner

Ichiban Enterprises

Finance Consultant

Rao & Emmar

Research & Stats Partner

Nano Biz

Media Partner 

Hundred Percent

Photography Partner

MF Photography and Films

Event Management


Venue Partner

Phoenix Marketcity

Makeup Partner

Anuradha Nahar MakeupArtist

Prize Partner

Entertainment Store

Travel Partner

All Nippon Airways

Fashion Show Partner

Sandeep Dharma's Runway House

Prize Partner

Mould Media

Fashion Show Partner

Tisser India – Hand to Heart

Also Happening!
2nd India-Japan Education Conference
This event aims to offer a platform for students, academicians, researchers, and policymakers to collaborate and discuss various opportunities, issues, and solutions in the education sector. Additionally, it aims to foster university ties, facilitate student exchange programs, and promote research and development endeavors. 

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About IJBC
Indo-Japan Business Council (IJBC), established in 2011, is the apex bi-lateral Chamber synergizing India-Japan engagement in business, trade, commerce, education, and culture. IJBC is continually working to enhance India-Japan Business and Economic Engagement. Today IJBC has a PAN India presence. 
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